I believe we are only limited by our concept of what is possible and who we think we are.

We all have the innate capacity to live a creative, meaningful life with ease of mind. But somehow we have come to believe that working longer and harder are the paths to success, and that we must sacrifice some area of our life to advance in another. What if I told you that there is different way? One where things feel effortless and abundant, rather than stressed and scarce?

How would you design your life if you had access to unlimited creative potential and ease of mind? Can you imagine work and relationships as a source of energy rather than a drain on your emotional resources? What about the ability to have a loving relationship with your body, or more pleasure and deeper connection? What big magic would you bring into the world if you had less stress? What could you develop if you had the ability to keep your bearings under any circumstance?

Through understanding the underlying principles of how the mind works, you can access a depth of self understanding and connection that will impact every area of your life. Work with me and we will shift how you see, understand and experience the world and what is on offer in this lifetime.

I look forward to connecting with you to explore what we can see together.


What I Believe

Life is 360 degrees. Success at work does not ensure successful relationships or family life. Often we achieve in one area, but suffer in others...

Who I Work With

I work with creatives, solopreneurs and lovers of life; individuals, couples and groups. Whether you are emerging from the trenches of early motherhood, building a new company...

What We Do

Each coaching package is custom designed to meet the needs of the individual, couple or group I work with...

Contact Me

Whether you just want to say hello or chat about working together, just drop me a line.

Email me: Ajna at AjnaPisani.com