I work with creatives, solopreneurs and lovers of life; individuals, couples and groups. Whether you are emerging from the trenches of early motherhood, building a new company, or playing Madison Square Garden, I want to work with you to expand your presence in the world and your understanding of what’s on offer in this lifetime.

I always look to be inspired by someone's story and purpose. The people I work with want to change the world, whether that be on a global scale or in a two person relationship. This might look like being more present in your relationships, bringing your business vision into the world with ease, or driving political change.

I work with people who desire greater self love, acceptance and pleasure in life. And those who are drawn to create, whether on the page, stage, screen or canvas.

Over the past 15 years I have helped clients:

  • Be better equipped to take on life challenges
  • Have deeper relationships
  • Grow or launch a business
  • Heal relationships with the body
  • Rekindle love and connection with a partner
  • Increase pleasure, creativity and enjoyment
  • Make conscious life decisions
  • Develop clarity and greater ease of mind
Because the work I do stems from understanding the principles behind our experience of life, our work does not hit just a singular goal. It creates a sense of wellbeing that will transform your life in all arenas.

I do not work with people who are looking for 10 steps to success. There is no magic formula to follow or techniques to master. I do not optimize your mindset or keep you accountable to your goals. While that type of work can be helpful, it is limited in its effectiveness and leaves potential untapped. Why just shoot for a promotion, when you can transform the way you experience the world and how you see your potential?

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