Life is 360 degrees. Success at work does not ensure successful relationships or family life. Often we achieve in one area, but suffer in others. Or we have “succeeded” in the traditional meaning of the word, but are deeply unhappy or unfulfilled.

Somehow we have come to believe that the solution to what ills us is “out there” to be attained, achieved, or experienced. If I just had that job/house/relationship/money….. If I just lost weight/did yoga/meditated….. If my partner/my kids/my boss just stopped….

Sound familiar?

I used to believe this too, and I was very, very good at achieving, getting, and doing. But it was exhausting, and temporary, and left me feeling at the mercy of life’s unpredictability. I could lose something at any moment. The business, the relationship, the house. Regain the weight, get depressed, blow the presentation. Poof. Then what?

My performance, in life and work, felt contingent on things I mistakenly believed I could control. Things that were happening outside of me. And so I spent a lot of energy trying to control them, and in the process, wore myself out. What I didn’t understand at the time was that all of this effort was actually limiting my potential and making it impossible to produce my best work.

What I have come to see, and want to share with you, is that the answer to a wonderful life is not out there, something to attain or experience, or some optimal mindset that will make the world easier. It is not something we can power into being. The answer is not in discovering a magic formula of the perfect morning routine, keeping a gratitude journal, daily meditation, or yoga.

Don’t get me wrong these practices are wonderful and I meditate and take a yoga class because they make me feel good and give me pleasure. But the reality is that I don’t always get to yoga, or find time to meditate. I can’t afford to be dependant on them for peace of mind.

The answer to live with greater ease of mind lies in understanding the role the mind plays in our perceived problems. Your experience isn’t coming from your weight, the success of your business or the state of your relationship (or lack of one). It doesn’t rely on a daily practice. It is coming directly from within you and how your thoughts and consciousness interact to create your experience. It comes from connecting with the intelligence behind life to access wisdom and your innate wellbeing.

When we have this insight, no longer is a good day defined by good things happening, or a bad day one where bad things happen, or a stressful day one where stressful things occur. By understanding the underlying principles of how the mind works, we can have an experience that is not defined by external events in our lives. Instead, we move through difficulty with more grace and less effort.

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